Why Should You Choose Me?

During my career, I have applied my proven expertise and ongoing professional development to meeting and exceeding all objectives put before me. The following examples represent the absolute value I can deliver for your company:

15 Years Under One of the Greats

I have operated as a prosecution assistant to Donald R. Boys (Reg. #35,074) at Central Coast Patent Agency (CCPA) for more than 15 years and for a large part of that time, I also worked full-time in administrative roles, pursued a Biology degree and passed the USPTO Registration Exam. I have personally prepared over 1,500 Responses and Appeals. I am passionate about the field and I’ve built my reputation and professional foundation in the industry. I am now ready for a new opportunity in intellectual property prosecution outside of CCPA.

Experience on an International Scale

My experience has been on a global scale, collaborating with clients, agents, and examiners both in the US and internationally. I possess comprehensive understanding of all regulations and processes related to the industry. My clients have been predominantly in the computer technology and telecommunications fields, but I feel confident I could work with most any client in need of patent services as prosecution strategy remains consistent and technology can be learned.

Can Battle Through the Paperwork

Throughout my experience in the agency, I have developed a variety of documents and arguments, applying research skills and case law knowledge, as well as expertise in technical writing and drawing. Combined with my technical proficiency in MS Office and drawing software, I am comfortable with the procedures needed to ensure timely, accurate, and successful responses for clients.